Subsidy Enhancement

Close up of baby lying on blanket looking at camera.

Subsidy Enhancements for Infants and One Year Olds

Providing high quality early care and education to infants and one-year-olds is expensive for child care facilities! There is a shortage of infant and one-year-old child care slots in Henderson County because of the high costs of things like low teacher-child ratios and diapers.

To address this crisis and increase the infant care in Henderson County, we provide enhanced payments to 3-, 4-, and 5-star licensed child care facilities for each child in their care who receives a child care voucher.

Child care facilities who don’t already receive this benefit or want to open an infant or one-year-old classroom are encouraged to reach out to us at 828-693-1580.

Businesses or individuals who would like to contribute to this innovative solution to the child care crisis, please call Smart Start at 828-693-1580.