Your Smart Start September 2020

Smart Start partners with The Town of Mills River for kindergarten transition. 

Smart Start Partnership for Children has received a $3,000 grant from the Town of Mills River to expand Kindergarten Transition programming into Mills River Elementary. In partnership with Henderson County Public Schools, Smart Start is leading an initiative to help prepare children and families to begin kindergarten ready to learn.  Smart Start hosts Henderson County's Annual Kindergarten Readiness Rally in the Spring and provides leadership for transition teams housed within local elementary schools.

Executive Director, Sonia Gironda says:

“Working together with early care and education professionals and local elementary schools, we hope to build a bridge that will help children be better prepared to begin kindergarten ready to succeed. We aim to support children and families in all areas of development including language development, emotional and social development, cognitive development, physical development and self-care, and approaches to learning.”

Your Smart Start June 2020

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Many things have changed since we last checked in. With Gov. Cooper's recent "Stay at Home" order many centers in Henderson County were forced to close, but there are 28 centers currently open in Henderson County serving the families of essential workers. Essential workers rely on childcare programs in order to keep fighting this virus on the frontlines. The educators at these centers are risking their own health in order to make sure that these workers have a safe, reliable, and high-quality environment for their children.

In order to show appreciation for our early childhood heroes in the county, Smart Start Partnership for Children in collaboration with the Children Family Resource Center launched an effort to celebrate early childcare educators as essential workers.

With funding provided by the WNC Bridge Foundation we were able to deliver yard signs provided by NC Printing to all centers open and closed that read “Early Childhood Heroes Work Here”. We also dropped off individually packaged heart-shaped cookies from Gateaux in Hendersonville. Additionally, NC Printing provided ‘We Are All Essential’ t-shirts to all childcare center directors free of charge. Smart Start Partnership for Children strives to be a strong voice for early childhood in our community. We want to make sure that our child care providers feel appreciated and that our community recognizes the essential role that child care providers are playing in the community’s response to Covid-19.


Your Smart Start May 2020

Leandro Report Released

Stemming from a court case Leandro v. North Carolina filed in 1994 by five low-wealth school districts who claimed that they did not have enough money to provide an equal education to their students. A report has been released from the Commission on Access to a Sound Basic Education. 

Among many recommendations is included the recommendation to scale up the Smart Start program to increase quality, access, and support for at-risk children and families. The consultant found that Smart Start’s current legislative appropriations fund 5% of the calculated need for early childhood in the state and calls for new funds to reach 25% of need, as originally outlined. This would total $532 million over the next eight years. 

The Commission on Access to a Sound Basic Education will meet again later in January. Over the next few months, the court is expected to begin issuing orders based on the recommendations of the Commission and the WestEd report. These orders will require consideration and action from the General Assembly during this year’s legislative session, which will begin in April or May

This information is provided by the North Carolina Partnership for Children. The commission's work has confirmed what the early childhood community already knows: a sound basic education begins at birth. The report shows that current investments are not sufficient to guarantee an accessible and high quality early childhood system.  The Leandro case provides a potential avenue to secure  new funds and policy changes needed to strengthen the early childhood system in North Carolina.